Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Week of March

Happy March blog viewers!

Aubrie went home yesterday to watch her sister Carlie perform as Belle in her High School Play (I am jealous...I wanted to go too!) That means that I am partying it up this weekend with some other sweetly sweet friends of mine!
Carlie, in cartoon form
But you don't want to hear about that. You want the latest Aubrie and Mercedes news.  So here it is:

Starting Monday, Aubrie and I are going to begin the Green Smoothie Challenge!

What is the Green Smoothie Challenge you ask?

Or maybe your first question is, what is a Green Smoothie? Let me elucidate for you (10 points if you can guess the movie quote!):

A Green Smoothie is a smoothie that is made with fruits AND vegetables (usually of the leaf nature). Thus, the resulting hue of the pureed mixture is green! I know, it sounds gross, but from all the testimonials that I have read online, and from my own personal sampling of the concoction, it doesn't taste that bad! And actually, it is quite good. :)
The challenge we are taking on is to eat (drink?) only green smoothies for two weeks! I do think, however, that we will continue eating small amounts of other food (aka protein and dairy) as well, just so we don't send our bodies into shock or something. It should be interesting to say the least. Not only will we be going to the bathroom frequently due to an increased intake of fiber, we should also be cleansing our skin and body and riding it of fat!

Aubrie read on one of the blogs we were perusing that one person lost 14 pounds the first week of the challenge! Woah! I don't think we will be doing that.

[Funny comment: When we first saw this post, Aubrie and I discussed how if it DID occur, we would be admitting each other into the hospital. Aubrie then stated:
You'll have to admit me...TO THE DRESSING ROOM!
Haha, we thought it was funny, and now we quote it all the time. :) ]

We will have to get back to you next week to let you know if we:
- have stayed true to the challenge
- are craving any foods (aka, bread, peanut butter or desserts)
- have lost any weight!
- plan on making it the full 14 days

If you are curious as to what might go into one of these smoothies, here is a recipe we found online:
3 bananas1/2 head of romaine lettuce*1 cup water
*don't worry, I thought it sounded barf-gusting the first time I read the ingredients (romaine and bananas...combined!?!?! GROSS!). But I am eager to give it a try now and see if maybe it isn't so bad...

Well, have a fantastic week!

Loves to ALL!


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