Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Week of March

Happy March blog viewers!

Aubrie went home yesterday to watch her sister Carlie perform as Belle in her High School Play (I am jealous...I wanted to go too!) That means that I am partying it up this weekend with some other sweetly sweet friends of mine!
Carlie, in cartoon form
But you don't want to hear about that. You want the latest Aubrie and Mercedes news.  So here it is:

Starting Monday, Aubrie and I are going to begin the Green Smoothie Challenge!

What is the Green Smoothie Challenge you ask?

Or maybe your first question is, what is a Green Smoothie? Let me elucidate for you (10 points if you can guess the movie quote!):

A Green Smoothie is a smoothie that is made with fruits AND vegetables (usually of the leaf nature). Thus, the resulting hue of the pureed mixture is green! I know, it sounds gross, but from all the testimonials that I have read online, and from my own personal sampling of the concoction, it doesn't taste that bad! And actually, it is quite good. :)
The challenge we are taking on is to eat (drink?) only green smoothies for two weeks! I do think, however, that we will continue eating small amounts of other food (aka protein and dairy) as well, just so we don't send our bodies into shock or something. It should be interesting to say the least. Not only will we be going to the bathroom frequently due to an increased intake of fiber, we should also be cleansing our skin and body and riding it of fat!

Aubrie read on one of the blogs we were perusing that one person lost 14 pounds the first week of the challenge! Woah! I don't think we will be doing that.

[Funny comment: When we first saw this post, Aubrie and I discussed how if it DID occur, we would be admitting each other into the hospital. Aubrie then stated:
You'll have to admit me...TO THE DRESSING ROOM!
Haha, we thought it was funny, and now we quote it all the time. :) ]

We will have to get back to you next week to let you know if we:
- have stayed true to the challenge
- are craving any foods (aka, bread, peanut butter or desserts)
- have lost any weight!
- plan on making it the full 14 days

If you are curious as to what might go into one of these smoothies, here is a recipe we found online:
3 bananas1/2 head of romaine lettuce*1 cup water
*don't worry, I thought it sounded barf-gusting the first time I read the ingredients (romaine and bananas...combined!?!?! GROSS!). But I am eager to give it a try now and see if maybe it isn't so bad...

Well, have a fantastic week!

Loves to ALL!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

"I need a volunteer. How 'bout you, with the eyes?"

Sunday. The day of rest. Ha! We definitely need the rest after the parties we CRASHED yesterday! What?!? :) 

Haha, just kidding. If only. This weekend was a normal, activity filled weekend. No dressing up, no zoo animals. But, still! We loved it!

Friday night, Aubrie finished her last day of Friday work.

Since she received a $5 gift card to Wendy's on Valentines day, she was all for going out and getting frosty's! I was starving. (Probably because we ate dinner at 4:45. That does NOT tide you over till midnight, I'll tell you what!) So we went out and *celebrated* her final weekend of working. We were basically the only 2 there without a date.

Saturday morning was busy as usual, Luau dancing for me, Then the temple trip, and someone (*cough* Aubrie *cough*) missed her alarm! Then breakfast followed immediately by the BYU vs SDSU basketball game! It was an amazing game. Aubrie was very diligent and took a test.

He did amazing! We were all Jimmered last night. :)

That night we had a ward Talent Show. Although Aubrie and I debated lip singing to Justin Bieber, we decided that we would totally destroy the show, and did not perform.  It was a good thing too. Everyone who sang, played, or rocked out on stage had ACTUAL talent. Our's would've been pathetic, and more on the lame side :)
Look! It's Aubrie! (We basically were pro with our outfits :))

Aw! So precious!
When we got home, we were trying to decide what to do for the remainder of the night. While debating, our roommate Katie came home, announcing that there was a dance party going on outside! Decision solved. We would dance the night away!
"I came to dance, dance, dance..."
She's a super freak!
Isn't this so cool! It adds sweet effects!
Yes, mom. I am not wearing a coat. And yes dad, it was only 30 degrees outside. But please!  I am wearing my STAR WARS shirt!!! I had to show it off! No one covers up a Star Wars shirt without having a force choke performed on them. Real story. 
Oh yeah :)
Aubrie took a video while she was dancing of everyone gettin' jiggy with it. And now, I bring it to you!

As you can tell, we had a very event filled Saturday, and enjoyed it immensely. Today we have Dinner Groups with our freshy friends! I am personally very pumped to see them all and get the lastest gossip! Pictures are sure to come, so stay tuned!

With love,


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Zoo...Part 2

Hey Everyone, so this is Aubrie...the other half of this blog. I thought after having no supervision of what was said or what pictures was put on...that I would tweak or clarify some previous statements and pictures. So buckle up, here we go!

So we sat around wondering what to do on Monday and Mercedes enthusiastically proposed we go to the Zoo so we looked it up and off we went. It was an hour drive but lots of fun. So once we got there and realized it was -4,000 degress (ok, so I may be exaggerating a little) and that we were surrounded by families, old people or little kids...I was reconsidering our decision a little. But we went in and I realized we were going to be in for a fun day. (especially because it was covered in SNOW and so no animals were out :)

So as Mercedes said, we went to "Discovery Land" but sadly Mercedes was just a tad too tall to climb on the Jungle Gym.
"Oh, come on! I am only one head taller than the sign!"
But we did get the chance to take a ride on a Turtle. Mercedes and I raced them. We held on for dear life and it was a close race but I am happy to say I came in first :)

As you can tell...I am a PRO Turtle Racer!
This was Mercedes face as I passed the finish line.
And then we saw the elephants...well at least their skeletons. Mercedes was relieved to find out that her head is only 1/4 of the size of an elephant...especially her nose :)
"Profile Pic!" (Haha...get it?)
One of our inside jokes the whole day was, "A LLAMA! He's suppose to be dead!" ...From the Emperor's New Groove. But we inserted any animal that we found into that saying . It was quite funny...until we came to a real Llama, and then the joke lost its humor.
"Not Funny!'
We then visited one of my favorite parts of the Hogle Zoo. I remember vividly visiting this place as a child with my family and cousins. It was the bird atrium.
"DUCK!" "Where???" "...Oops, too late!" :)
Don't worry, we were only "dropped on" a couple of times. There was also a sloth in this building and so Mercedes and I tried out our "Sid the Sloth" voice impressions. It basically consisted of sticking our tongues our and spitting as we spoke. It was quite fun.
We then went and saw the Giraffes. Now, I always knew Mercedes was tall, but seriously, taller than a Giraffe!?! That is one tall chick!
Look Mom! I am taller than a Giraffe!
Thankfully I am only AS tall as the Giraffe
Now the main attraction at the zoo and the animal we were most dying to see would be that animal formally known as...the CAMEL! ...Ok, so maybe not. But we took a picture with them anyways!

Its Mercedes and Camella the Camel!
I was sad that the elephants were not out and so Mercedes was kind enough to pretend she was an Elephant for me, and believe me...I was fooled. Thanks Mercedes for your wonderful interpretation! ...She only frightened some of the children at the Zoo ;)
"Of course I am a real Elephant!"
One of the scariest moments of my trip to the zoo was when I rode a boat in a lake infested with sharks...yeah, talk about scary. But don't worry. I made it out alive and came out missing only a couple of my limbs! Whew!
"Ahhhh! It's JAWS!"
Mercedes was so in love with the Zoo by the end of the day that she actually turned into an Ape. Believe me, it was quite frightening for all of us there and the Zoo Keepers tried to keep her from leaving but she put up a good fight and we escaped!
"Just Monkey-ing Around!"
Ok, so...I am now going to admit something quite embarrassing that Mercedes and I debated putting up but here it goes. So you were probably wondering...why would they wear skirts to the Zoo, in the snow, when it is freezing outside. Well, see...we decided to kind of dress up as animals. Yes, its true (but not in the way that my mom or Aaron thought that involved furry ears or face paint, it was more subtle). So here are some pictures of us. Can you guess which animal we dressed up as?
Nope...she's not a Zebra, guess again.
Nope...not a hippo. Try Again.
Now...mine is a little harder to guess because I don't have a specific animal "position" that I am known for like Mercedes, so just try to guess (and not laugh).
Clue: I am black and white
Clue: I have black around my eyes...
I am a PANDA BEAR! ...kind of. 

Here is a better idea of what we were suppose to represent. We had to use stuffed animals since our real animals were not at the Zoo :(
Flamingo, get it?
Can you see the Panda resemblance now??? you can tell, we had a great time at the Zoo. As I sign off I will leave you with just a few more pictures. We just LOVE being roommates :)
Yep...we're dorks!
Roomie Love!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hogle Zoo

What do two college age students do when they have their last day off of school for the semster? THEY GO TO THE ZOO!

Yes, that's right blog followers! This morning Aubrie and I got up, packed a lunch, and headed off to Salt Lake to visit the many animals at the Hogle Zoo! It was a blast :) The drive down was filled with Justin Bieber, Glee and love songs (You know you wish you had accompanied us, haha :) )

The first attraction we visited was Discovery Land:

Snow is not my natural habitat, as you can tell...
Is she turtley enough for the turtle club?
It's DINO-AUBS! Be afraid...
I was being consumed by a basilisk...and LOVIN' IT! :)
And then a crocodile decided to taste my skull.  I must've looked especially attractive today :)
And then we finished by going to this meerkat place. It was quite entertaining poking our heads out through the holes. Getting to the spot though was kind of freaky. It was dark, smelt funny, and there were scorpions throughout the hallway...CREEPY! (I don't care if the scorpion was behind glass. If it really wanted to, it could've gotten to me!) But the pictures turned out good:

Meerkat Aubrie! Don't you just want to pet her? :)
This is my 'Why is that person staring at me? Doesn't she know it this is all the rage?'
Next we crossed a bridge, and Aubrie contributed this little gold nugget to our collection :)

"Caution: Don't get too close, we bite"
Aubrie told me en route that she was afraid of the lion water fountain at the zoo when she was little. So when we got there we had to overcome her fears, and then take some fun pictures while we were at it. Don't worry, she is now pals with Leo the Lion! (It was a touching experience...brought tears to my eyes *sob*)

Still, it was a little sketchy sticking our faces into his mouth...
And then, The Thing showed up!
Next stop: Nature's Nightmares. The place was basically a sauna, which we welcomed because it was quite chilly outside. It warmed up our bones, and it displeased our noses. I think I found though why it reeked so bad...

You can't really see it, but I am standing next to a skunk. Eww!
At the great ape habitat they had a full scale size outline of an ape. So what did we do? Yes, we took pictures :)

My family is known for having long arms. Luckily my arm-to-leg ratio is not as bad as these guys!
She won the award for best ape face!
Just so you can see what it looked like without us blocking it :)
 We then went to the elephant habitat, and they had this fun metal elephant out front! A nice zookeeper was walking by and offer to take a picture of us! So nice! :)

When we first passed by the elephants, they were not out due to the temperature, but on our second pass, we saw them! Including the one year old, Zuri (who was so precious!!)

Getting some momma love! <3
In the small animal place, we saw some fun birds and monkeys!

A capuchin monkey! Like from Night at the Museum!!
This is Zabumafoo! For reals
We were twinners, since we were both decked out in pink!
We also saw some Tigers in the Asian Highlands. They didn't move at all while we stared at them.

There they were...just sleeping in the snow. Lazy bums. I wanted some action! Some heart felt roars! Crying children, etc etc.
This made me giggle.
And we then visited the rhino statue (because the rhinos were not allowed to come out today due to cold weather and snow on the ground :( sad, sad day)

I know, you're jealous!
She is much more graceful than I am...
We wanted to ride on the train and go see us some bison. The train, however, was not operating. So we took some fun pictures instead!

Railroad crossing, look out for the cars...

can you spell it with out any r's?
We had so much fun at the zoo! It was a day well spent. Here are some last pictures of us: